Business Advisory Membership

We do the books for you – your personal business advisor!

As a monthly member of our firm, you will receive frictionless accounting with ever-increasing value and assistance in a serial transformation of your business to get where you want to go. We strive to save you and your employees time and are result-oriented. You will receive peace of mind while building a clear pathway to achieving your life goals.

Get your books set up perfectly & cleaned up.

  • We’ll take an in-depth snapshot of your taxes, financial picture, and accounting system.
  • We’ll create a comprehensive tax plan focusing on both the current year’s taxes and the subsequent years.
  • We’ll do all the work necessary, within reason, to get them optimized for the plan.
  • We’ll then keep your books up to date with high levels of bookkeeping and accounting.
  • We’ll set you up on the best payroll and either run it for you or teach you while providing customer service.
  • We’ll provide monthly or quarterly reports with honest feedback and coaching.
  • We’ll eliminate tax liability surprises by helping you pay according to the tax plan, so you end theyear without owing anything or getting a refund. We’ll do it through the payroll system.
  • We’ll make the year-end tax season a breeze because we’ve done everything throughout the year.
  • We’ll do all the tax returns for the business owners and their families.
  • We’ll help provide wealth-building strategies for the business and business owner(s).
  • We’ll help you mitigate risk by recommending trusts, life insurance, disability insurance, and other simple, common-sense risk mitigation techniques.
  • Automatic enrollment in Diehl CPA LLC’s Client Care Package.
  • Any other items within the firm’s area of expertise and reason.
  • Since Diehl CPA is an Alliance member of BDO, you will have access to the resources of the 5th largest CPA firm in the world!
  • Pricing starts at $985/month and goes up from there, depending on the size and complexity of the business.

Membership is not a good fit for you if:

  • You are looking for a low-level, bookkeeping-only service
  • You are looking for a “set and forget” type of accounting service
  • You don’t want to talk with a CPA or only want a yearly consultation
  • You don’t care about your numbers or don’t want to grow your business
  • You don’t want to make any changes or implement new processes or business insights

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